Local Shoalhaven growers at Nowra Farmers Market

Nowra Farmers Market’s commitment to providing the freshest produce is coupled with a desire to support local businesses and farmers in the Shoalhaven region. Our relationship with nearby growers means they’re able to get stock from farm-to-shelf within 24 hours of harvesting. Here, a brief rundown of some of our ever-growing local suppliers.

Terara Farm, Terara, NSW

A hobby farm managed by a group of South Coast locals, the land is leased from a Terara local in exchange for fresh produce. The farm grows spinach, pumpkins, carrots, shallots, beetroots, rhubarb, potatoes and cauliflower. Their vegetables often make it to Nowra Farmers Market on the same day they are picked!

Ridge Raven Eggs, Tomerong, NSW

Owned by the Dunbar family, this farm has a cruelty-free approach to rearing chickens. Their chickens graze happily on the lush green pastures of Tomerong and receive no growth hormones or stimulants. You can find their free-range eggs in the cold section of Nowra Farmers Market.

Pointer Mountain Honey, Ulladulla, NSW

This honey farm in nearby Ulladulla produces uniquely flavoured honeycomb and a delicious array of honey varieties, including creamed honey.

Sydney Orchids, Shoalhaven, NSW

George from Sydney Orchids grows gorgeous flowers and plants in the Shoalhaven hinterland. His freshly picked flowers and plants are dropped off to us on the same day they are picked – no freezers needed!

Wild Flower Artist, Kangaroo Valley, NSW

Edward at Kangaroo Valley supplies Nowra Farmers Market with a unique range of flowers, including King Proteas.

Berry Sourdough, Berry, NSW

A South Coast favourite, Berry Sourdough are renowned for their breads, pastries, cakes and savouries. Nowra Farmers Market proudly stock their freshly baked, slow-fermented artisan sourdough bread varieties, which have been kneaded by hand.

Marie’s Farm, Terara, NSW

Marie harvests her organically grown citrus fruit, carefully packing each orange, lemon and lime before sending them off to Nowra Farmers Market the same day they are picked.

Porkery Hills Produce, Nowra Hill, NSW

Porkery Hills Produce is renowned for their local fresh free range pork, supplied direct to Nowra Farmers Market.

Ravenous, Albion Park, NSW

Jim and Deborah from the Ravensthorpe Kitchen supply Nowra Farmers Market with a delicious range of homemade bread shards and aromatics.

Daily Grind Coffee, Gerringong, NSW

A Gerringong gem, every batch of green coffee is carefully roasted by Master Roaster John Svinos to bring out its absolute preeminent qualities. Associated with coffee farms that carry the Rainforest Alliance Seal under the auspices of the Sustainable Agriculture Network SAN to be Rainforest Alliance Certified means. Nowra Farmers Market proudly stock their freshly ground beans in-store.

Wombat Woods, Callala Bay, NSW

These fresh homemade preserves, jams and chutneys are made with local produce.

Contadino Olives, Falls Creek, NSW

The Contadino Olive Farm applies their Italian heritage to growing and harvesting their olives. Locally producing the finest olives and olive oil, vegetables and homemade products – free from preservatives and chemicals leaving produce full of natural flavour.

Gundaroo Farm, Nerriga, NSW

Fresh duck eggs, direct from the local Nerriga Farm to Nowra Farmers Market.