Our Weekly Specials run from Wednesday 7am each week, up to and including the following Tuesday at 6pm. All advertised specials are available ‘while stocks last’, maximum 10kg per customer.

Fresh Bags of Carrots now at Nowra Farmers Market
99c EA

1KG Carrot Bag

Tomatoes now at Nowra Farmers Market

Tomato Bucket


Capsicum Bucket

$3.99 EA

5KG Brushed Potato Bag

$1.99 EA

100g Nowra Farmhouse Camembert

2 for $5

150g Westminster & Barbers English Cheddar

Inside shot of Nowra Farmers Market Pantry Section

Discover the fresh and exceptional produce at Nowra Farmers Market, where unbeatable freshness and quality await you. Our market showcases a diverse range of fruits, vegetables, and more, sourced directly from local farmers in the Shoalhaven region. 



Passionate about supporting local growers & artisans

Immerse yourself in the pleasure of farm-to-table shopping, supporting and connecting with the growers who bring freshness to your community. With every bite, savour the irresistible flavours that embody the hard work and dedication of our local farmers. Join us in celebrating the vibrant and delicious bounty our region has to offer, making Nowra Farmers Market your destination for all things fresh and flavourful.


“Every time I head down the coast I HAVE to stop by. Amazing selection of fresh produce, deli items, condiments and perishable goods. I always spend more than planned!” – Sam Hewitt

“There is a reason this business took out the local business awards. Amazing fresh produce, local meats, cheese and my favourite brand of Maltese foods. Love, love, love!” – Catherine Kaye

“They have the best deals each week! My family and I don't go anywhere else for our fruit and veg. Their food is always fresh. Staff are always warm, welcoming and friendly.” – Tay P

“Everything is so fresh! Was pleasantly surprised to see such a large, varied range of vegetables. Prices are the best in the area, hands down. Such fragrant strawberries!” – Jay O

“Great range of produce, I always find something new and I love that they support local farmers. I especially love the gluten free bread! Staff are so helpful and friendly.” – Liza Merriment

“The produce is always fresh and can last weeks. I love the bucket specials. Staff extremely friendly and the deli is exquisite with so much variety for entertaining guests.” – Christine Aryal

“I love doing my fruit and veg shop at the farmers market. The prices are amazing and I love the new buckets each week. Always greeted with a smile and the deli is so helpful.” – Stephanie Rowcroft

“We always get wonderful, friendly service at the Farmers Market. Love their fresh variety of fruit and veggies and the deli! Definitely the best spot for fresh products! Love it.” – Elly Keany

“Pleasantly surprised to find a grocery store with such a great variety of fresh produce and unique deli options in Nowra. Always something new to try and staff are so welcoming.” – Jasmine Mui

“Great place for fresh fruit and veggies – definitely the best range in Nowra! Great deli choices too. Make sure you check out the weekly specials – fantastic value.” – Alison Page